Ken Jacobs

Tom Tom Chaser, A (2002) DVD NTSC, black and white, 10 min

Genre: Experimental

I do an electronic riff on the MOMA print in A TOM TOM CHASER, concluding the NTSC edition. I'd been supervising a new digitizing of TOM, TOM at 15 frames per second (as against the 16fps 'standard' silent-speed of the PAL transfer; in truth there was no standard fps back then) because 15 fits neatly into NTSC's 60 fields/30 picture frames per second, thus minimizing compression 'artifacts', a form of visual 'noise' I wasn't welcoming. The riff was inspired watching Scott Olive, Tape House master technician, zip forward and back on their million dollar optical film-scanner. I asked Scott if we could record some of the discarded visual phenomena incidental to film-to-digital transfer. Sure, he said. I stood cheering him on to wilder aberrations and what we got is pretty much what you have, less some judicious excisions. -K. J.

DVD NTSC Rental: $75.00

DVD NTSC Sale: $150.00

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