Jim Jennings

Leaves (1975) 16mm, black and white, 7.5 min

Genre: Experimental

"'Leaves' by Jim Jennings takes close shots of trees, leaves dominating the foreground. Wind and light are again central themes of attention. But there is more. Through the leaves we can see park benches and cars. We can use the background detail to figure out the angles of each shot. At one point there is an irregular yellow splotch amidst the leaves. Is it autumn? Suddenly, the splotch moves. It was a cab waiting at a traffic light. A variety of detail inhabits Jennings' simple format. Foreground is played off background. It creates tension, a quality woefully lacking in too many films." -Noel Carroll, Soho Weekly News, quoted in flyer for the San Francisco Cinemateque, 1977 In "Leaves," Jim Jennings moves the tree from the periphery of urban life to the center. It's leaves form a green "curtain" through which we view the activities of the City’s denizens. -Karen Treanor

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