Larry Jordan

Magenta Geryon (1983) 16mm, color, 30.5 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Music

I have tried to combine my feeling for personal and classical mythology with the images I see when I look upon the world. (This is a live film, not animation.) There are three parts, and each part is cut to a piece music chosen in advance of the photography. Therefore I call the film a "film concert". Part 1, ADAGIO, represents an Eros and Psyche mystique. Part 2, IN A SUMMER GARDEN, concerns my passion for gardening and my feelings for the medieval garden, the mystical rose, the somber formal gardens of Audrey Beardsley. Part 3, WINTER LIGHT, is filmed in the early morning hours of California mid-winter with its delicate touches of faery light. There is a kind of statement made also, which has to do with my feeling that despite a state of human alienation inherent in the modern world, the earth and its endless permutations of light emits an illumination paralleled in the human spirit.

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16mm Rental: $50.00

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