Paul Justman

Hampton (1974) 16mm, black and white, 29 min

Genre: Documentary

Keywords: Landscape & Architecture, Personal / Diary / Journal

Hampton came from North to Philadelphia as a young man of 19. He worked and became an accomplished plumber. He raised a family. His children have grown up and his wife has died. He lives on Gideon Street in the sKid-row section of Philadelphia. The world is changing in this area in its own relentless, mindless way. The neighborhood had never been 'up', but in the last 20 years, it has gone from better to worse. It now makes way for a highway exit ramp. Hampton, for his part, is a straight and honest man. He harbors no bitterness for the way things have gone. He is a man of dignity, not of pride--he talks more about the world than about himself. He is graceful in a graceless world. --P. J./A. D.

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16mm Rental: $35.00

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