Larry Kardish

Slow Run (1968) 16mm, black and white, 80 min

Genre: Experimental

"... I was amazed to see how good a film it was... I would have to see it once more to write about SLOW RUN with any intelligence. One thing about it is that it puts to test one tempting idea, which many filmmakers had, but never tried: to let the images run their own way, and the soundtrack its own--and then put the two together. It has been tried, here and there, in a small way, accidentally--but Kardish did it in a big, sweeping way, consciously, as a formal, aesthetic principle of the film. And it works. Maybe because of the subject, which is New York: New York swallows everything without trace... He just rattles, he lets his mind and tongue loose, and it makes one of the best such rambling soundtracks. I think it's the most successful since PULL MY DAISY. One could call it a diary film, perhaps. Or an extended short story. I don't know what it is. There is not plot in the old-fashioned way--there is only LK and New York... The whole thing is very casual, unpretentious, and you could say, having nothing to do with cinema. But it is. You sit, you relax, you watch, you listen, you go with it (is LK a 'lyrical realist'?)--and that's how it goes with all real, breathing (and breeding) things..." --Jonas Mekas, Village Voice, 10/10/1968

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