Bobby Abate

Real Video Trilogy (2001) DVD NTSC, color & b/w, 31 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Erotic, Philosophical, Technology

Come Softly, 1999, video, 11 min If I had a Hammer, 2000-01, video, 8 min Lucky, 2001, video, 12 min The breakdown of identity, communication, and human relationships via the internet. An electronic reality of porn, beer, sex, cash, and drugs. Crafted from softly pixilated QuickTime, NetMeeting sessions, emotive vintage pop, airplane disaster footage, online porn, streaming Hollywood trailers, and the curious hypnotic qualities of taping off computer monitors, Bobby Abate's internet-sex-n-death thrillogy explores new anxieties made possible by technology, and the profoundly intimate places that tiny images and lonely piano chords burrow deep within the soul. Real Videos is like a tender and tumultuous visual virus, created to infect a world where humans live through movies, die through malfunctions and, in between, email their love. -- Ed Halter, The New York Underground Film Festival 2001

Rental: $50.00
DVD NTSC Rental: $50.00

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