Larry Kless

Works By Larry Kless 1988-90 6 Short Works (1991) 16mm, color, 27 min

Genre: Experimental

Includes: COWBOYS WERE NOT NICE PEOPLE, THE NEGATIVE KID and POST-MODERN DAYDREAM See film descriptions above. This tape also includes A KINDER GENTLER NATION?, WARNING SIGNS and POLITICAL GESTURES. Constructed with images all from broadcast TV, A KINDER GENTLER NATION? explores the ironic banality of this statement by the president who says one thing but means another. "George Bush's infamous slogan is contrasted with video reality." -- Scott Stark, VCR Video Show, San Francisco Cinematheque, 1991 WARNING SIGNS juxtaposes images from educational films, broadcast television, and video feedback to subvert the works' original intention meant as information. It is an attempt to distort their messages so that they make no sense at all -- or do they? POLITICAL GESTURES is a study of the urban textures that reflect personal ideologies injected into the public sphere. Expressions of individuals' and groups' political agendas are framed within this time capsule of events that chronicles the passing of 1989 to 1990. The original footage was shot on a S8mm film, mainly frame by frame, as a daily image document.

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16mm Rental: $40.00

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