Robert Kramer

Milestones (1975) 16mm, color, 206 min

Genre: Documentary

Keywords: History, Political / Social Activism

"... is a vast mosaic of a movie, is very much about the survivors of America's radical left today, but it's a good deal more than a lamentation or a recollection of old causes. It's both sympathetic and optimistic. MILESTONES is interesting as a report on a political movement, made by two men who are intimately connected to that movement, but it's important for far more provocative reasons. MILESTONES is virtually a meditation on today's spoken American language, which sounds as is it were becoming less and less adequate. Robert Kramer is one of our most original and gifted filmmakers. MILESTONES... is as carefully arranged as a piece of music. It moves forwards and backwards, and sometimes sideways, using images, emotions and, most frequently, words as themes... it bursts with unexpected life." --Vincent Canby, New York Times

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16mm Rental: $200.00

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