Charles I. Levine

Horseopera ( A Western) (1970) 16mm, black and white, 24 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: History, Structural

I have used individual shots as loops to achieve a visually harmonic form, in which a variation of particular actions is made to produce a rhythmic structure .... The whole panorama of the winning of the West is at hand from horse and wagon to great railroad locomotives that charge across the plains and mountains relentlessly, always watched by the Indians. Stereotyped characters and actions are transformed and become larger than life, building blocks for a plastic mosaic. Epic conflict is in motion between good and evil ... the bad guys kill, rape and plunder both the land and the people, nothing is beneath them and they will not let anyone stand in their way. Their greed is unquenchable. "HORSEOPERA is an original and interesting film ...." -- Vincent Canby, The New York Times "Cerebrally engrossing - near perfect." -- Aaron Hauptman, Queens College News

Rental: $70.00
16mm Rental: $70.00

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