Saul Levine

Cats Cradle Harp Lock Heart (1967) 16mm, reg8mm, color, 5.75 min

Genre: Experimental

"Cats cradle harp wind lock heart/ A string game/ The white hart of the wood/ Silk of speech between the lines/ "Call of the sun rose/ Chord of the king/ Retaining the lyrics of memory/ A sound heard from the stone like a harp string breaking/ Dangling lock Did i forget here/ Love woke/ Early as the knot in the grain "When the wind blows What lie did i tell/ In the poem of names to be remembered/ Now the loom of weaving sound and waving hair/ Do i reassemble her naming the pattern "Love lies waiting/ Open locks of the present tense Only the wind in the strings/ Cradles the harp in my hands foreplaying/ key to the little used Knot in the string "Hearing the half tones between the walls/ Eyelashes of the lier Extension of the lead needed/ A string that will never break no matter Always be in tune/ Resolving an assymetrical pattern/ Tuning the harp up to pitch "Cats cradle harp wind lock heart" - Erik Kiviat

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16mm Rental: $20.00
Reg8mm Rental: $20.00

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