Rose Lowder

Retour D'un Repere (dual-projection version) (1979) 16mm, color, 17.5 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Literature & Theater

Dual-projection version. For superimposed dual-projection.

In this film procedures similar to those used in the two previously mentioned works are developed in a particular way. While the filmic operations are structured in relation to a limited space (a branch over a 19th Century duck pond), poetic measures pertaining to rhythm taken from literary rhetorics are introduced as part of the organizational orientation. Thus the film rests on a visual transposition of a 'pantoun,' a verse form which characteristically transforms itself gradually and continously in a precise manner. --R. L.

Instructions: 1) Line up two projectors (preferably of nearly equal light intensity) to project their two rectangles exactly superimposed; 2) Place the two reels on the projectors, focus one and then the other; 3) Put the reels in sync with each other (a frame with "FINISH" on it, a few frames before the first picture can serve as sync mark); 4) To run start both projectors SIMULTANEOUSLY; 5) The projectors will run out of sync normally, this does not matter at all. The person projecting can, however, (but only if they wish to) if they have projectors allowing speed variations, try to "keep them in sync": he or she won't succeed, but the mere efforts can be interesting.
*Note: rental includes one green/blue print, and one red/yellow print.

Rental: $60.00
16mm Rental: $60.00

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