Willard Maas

Excited Turkeys () 16mm, color, 12 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Comedy

"A realism like that of GREED is lifted to a level where it becomes poetry. This is done by stylization and a few well-chosen details... a masterpiece." --Jonas Mekas, Village Voice "A black comedy which, in its cruel ending, has been compared to Harold Pinter. It is a hilarious satire on the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Everything is there but the soup, but it's nuts for sure. This is Mass' first comedy, and those who know his early classic works are in for some surprises. Also HAwkins' imitations of sobs, snores and gobbles are fabulous, expecially the ghostly turkey at the end, shot in negative. A favorite on Mass' recent tours of Texas, the Midwest and the South." --The Gryphon Film Group

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16mm Rental: $50.00

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