Christopher MacLaine

Scotch Hop (1959) 16mm, color, 5.5 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Dance

"... is utterly beyond my description, being of the area of deceptively simple pure film movement--and I say 'deceptively simple' because I had to really work at it to find the cutting technique which made the whole film, all its images, seem like the bagpipe sound of its audio track to the extent that I really felt like I was watching sound and hearing images... i. e., that the droning beauty of the bagpipes finds its perfect visual correspondence in his slow-motion dance shots and that his jump cuts visually fulfill the grace note activity so wondrously peculiar to anyone who has attempted to play a chanter pipe or, that is, really listened to one." --Stan Brakhage

Rental: $28.00
16mm Rental: $28.00

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