Babette Mangolte

Camera, The: Je or La Camera I (1977) 16mm, color, 88 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Films about Film, Media

"The film is about the relations of vision and power arising from the act of producing images. The first section of THE CAMERA:JE is terrifying even though it is the most straightforwardly didactic part of the film. The spectator stares at photo models as they have their pictures taken and are given instructions about how to pose. The anxiety we see on the face and body of the model (mirroring our role as spectator) exemplifies this fear of not being held in our position of spectator. It is as if we were watching ourselves being photographed, as if the screen were watching photographing us." --Constance Penley

Rental: $150.00
16mm Rental: $150.00

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