Katrina Martin

Kacho (Flowers and Birds) (1979) 16mm, color, 17 min

Genre: Experimental

Here, the bird is right smack in the center of the image. I'd like to get closer, to fill the frame and play with its edges, but I can't so there it is, in the center. I'd like to move around, do some tricks with my camera, but I'm too fascinated with these magnificent birds to do anything but stare. I can't gain the distance to abstract, I'm held by these birds. I'm on vacation with Bill's family and I follow them, bird watching. With two generations of ornithologists in the clan, they're birds from way back, and this movie is about them. I set off into metaphor, appropriating what the place we were visiting was loaded with--flowers and birds--as symbols: obvious, time-worn, and easy at hand. The film I brought home turned out to be a lullaby. Kacho is Japanese for flowers and birds as a motif in art. The artist sublimates emotion to express it through images from nature. such use of imagery is one route to abstraction in film. --K. M.

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