Michael Mazičre

Cezanne's Eye (1991) 16mm, color, 20 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Art & Artists, Landscape & Architecture

"Cezanne's Eye is the most significant brushstroke/camera movement film in the history of cinema." -- Stan Brakhage Cezanne's Eye II is an experiential journey through the body of a unique landscape - that of Cezanne's Provence. Using intuitive and expressionist visual language and a striking specially composed soundtrack the film is a movement through land, sky, colour, sound and music that is both sensual and visually challenging. The explicit reference point in Maziere's Cezanne films is an acknowledgement of that post-impressionist project, namely the relativisation of vision, of significance as embedded in language and convention. Consequently the artist is left with the perpetual task and hope of working and reworking, discovering anew in every brushstroke or camera movement. Art's potential lies within that persistence. Shot in Cezanne's France, the film's agile camerawork edit's the terrain into panoramic views which zooms in to become geological contours, dwelling on the geometric solidity of the rocks and trees. The camera constantly works with the landscape, bringing it in and out of view at different scales, in a frantic syntax which is never exhausted since each shot or movement suggests other possibilities. It is well known how the late Cezanne would persist with his motifs, mountains and rotting fruit alike , in a constant erotic of interpretation. -- Sotiris Kyriacou First there is a lightning of language whereby the meaning is conveyed through the verbal texture that seems weightless, until the meaning itself takes on the same rarefied constancy. -- Italo Calvino, Lightness; Six Memos for the Next Millenium For three years I breathed that landscape, I became a part of it's body the rocks, sky, earth and water - we all felt it's power, as had Cezanne. -- Michael Maziere

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