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Marc Ribot: Descent Into Baldness (1993) VHS PAL, color, 33 min

Genre: Documentary

Keywords: Art & Artists, Music

This 1995 documentary peels back a few discordant layers from the life of guitarist Marc Ribot. Schooled in classical guitar, with a voice filtered through Haitian traditions, recondite self-exploration and political commentary, Ribot is an intriguing subject who manages to give a lot away without ever really giving you anything. Director Cassis wanders with him through rehearsal spaces, stages and streets to explore what makes the musician (who later went on to found Los Cubanos Postizos) tick. German director Cassis uses a captivating blend of lo-fi camerawork to explore the avant-guard world surrounding Ribot, while seeming to have a great time herself. In fact, working on the film inspired her to go out and found her own band. After watching this, those in the stranglehold of their own artsy proclivities may feel the same way.--Geoff Girvitz

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