Taylor Mead

Home Movies/N. Y. C. to San Diego (1968) 16mm, color, 19 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Personal / Diary / Journal

N.B. Sound on Cassette. Sync beginning of sound with image before light blue television images. Generally, start cassette while leader is seen. "Films highly praised as among earliest in single (double, triple, etc.) frame style by Jonas Mekas (director of Anthology Film Archives, N.Y.C.). Awarded New York State Council of the Arts grant on basis of the films. In 1982 critic Bartlett Naylor in San Fransisco press described the films, including an opening quote by Taylor Mead: 'I shot my home movies with the cheapest, littlest hand-held camera I could buy. And in the low 1960s film was so expensive that I just used the single frame button.' This apology is a modest introduction to a very artful (though decidedly unprofessional in the monetary sense) ten minute ('to twenty') flick that might be called 'The Grand Tour.' The film flickers through a millennium of culture as it would appear to a tourist. It is an intense film, yet, there is an incredible wealth of information surprisingly accesible. Aside from the exciting experience itself, the breakneck history lesson is a reminder that the mind can move in lightning steps: the plodding way information is typically presented is an insult to mental capability." -- T.M.

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