Bryce Bond

Minority By Choice (1972) 16mm, black and white, 24.00 min

Genre: Documentary

Keywords: Political / Social Activism

A Cinema Arts production. MINORITY BY CHOICE is not a sociological comment on our times. The Bowery people have existed since civilized man... in one society or another. From the camera's point of view MINORITY BY CHOICE gives us one of the few moments of face to face contact with our derelict society. In commentary there is little to be said for or against these souls... once respectable, able-bodied men and women, who were a part of every man who strove for his place in the sun. The "minority" have found theirs... not at the top of society's ladder but at the bottom. It is after all the same sun that shines on us all... the same ladder, except they choose to stand on the bottom rung... where ultimate oblivion strikes first.

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16mm Rental: $50.00

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