Jonas Mekas

Street Songs (1983) 16mm, black and white, 10.5 min

Genre: Experimental

Made 1966/1983 "STREET SONGS is a 1966 performance, in France, of a section of the Living Theater's 'Mysteries and Smaller Pieces.' Based on a chance-determined scenario written by Jackson Maclow in 1961, STREET SONGS weaves militant political chants into a mandala of mantras. Julian Becvk sits cross legged on an empty stage; the slogan he repeats - 'Free All Men! Ban the Bomb! Stop the War! Free the Blacks! Change the World!' - are both meditation and calls to action, as a crowd of voices answers each slogan and actors join him on stage to pace in a circle, clasp one another's shoulders and collectively breath 'Ohmm...' ..." -- Sally Banes, Village Voice, October 18, 1983. "I filmed The Living Theatre's 'Mysteries' in 1966, at the Festival de Cassis, organized by Jerome Hill. I didn't like the results and I never released the film, but I always liked the segment based on McLow's script. Maclow's version differs slightly from The Living Theatre's version. You can find MacLow's script in Kastelanetz's anthology called 'Scenarios.' MacLow says he wouldn't have said some of the things the Living Theatre said. Noel Burch helped me to record the sound." -- J.M.

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