Andrew Meyer

Shades and Drumbeats (1964) 16mm, color, 25 min

Genre: Experimental

"Dawn to dusk with a commune of young people on the Lower East Side, searching fulfillment through sex and drugs."--A.M. " of those remarkable films incensed with the values which man forgets, caught in the sedge flats which he calls his streets. It is these disowned values that [Meyer] obstinately and with the greatest of poise works with and surprises his film spectator...The world of SHADES AND DRUMBEATS has no need for sound; for the film frames speak and contain the word, the sentence which reveals to the engrossed spectator the spirit of Meyer's work."--Gregory Markopoulos, in a lecture at Idaho State University, 1964

Rental: $75.00
16mm Rental: $75.00

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