Andrew/VIctor Meyer/Hack

Flower Child (1967) 16mm, color, 18 min

Genre: Experimental

"... about a girl who photographs a young man in Central Park who sits in a tree and plays a pipe. He resents her photography and follows her home to get the film from her. They make love. Whilst he is asleep she develops the negative, but in the resulting print he is missing. Was he the god Pan?" -- Ken Gay, Films and Filming "... has much to do with nuance of the most ineffable kind: appearance as against behavior; oddities and crudities of expression, diction and composition in the service of a texture that's unpleasant or embarrassing one moment and elaborately touching the next, with the gap never bridged. The performers are Joy Bang ... and Frank Meyer, a bored cherub who could become a key ambivalent figure for modern films." -- James Stoller, The Village Voice Exhibition: Int'l Festival of Short Films, London, 1968

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16mm Rental: $25.00

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