Andrew/VIctor Meyer/Hack

Sky Pirate, The (1969) 16mm, color, 82.75 min

Genre: Experimental

"Another look at SKY PIRATE confirms that it may well be one of the most important of the recent American movies. Certainly it is one of the very few which works entirely within a compellingly modern sensibility and idiom without that sentimental overlay of new techniques on old ideas which I so question in the 'now' Hollywood movies. Sheerly beautiful ... breathtakingly lyrical .... It ought not to be missed. Meyer may prove to be one of the American filmmakers of consequence through the '70s." -- Whitehall, LA Free Press "The sky pirate's Cuba, the New Left's revolutionary society, the wife's little-theatre Carmen, and the hooker from Spanish Harlem are all simply disguises of the same escapist Latin fantasy filmmaker Andrew Meyer subtly but memorably dramatizes. En route he demonstrates more creative feature filmmaking talent on a shoestring than many a director who would be insulted to operate with ten times the budget." -- Variety

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