Charles Boultenhouse

Dionysus (1963) 16mm, color, 26 min

Genre: Experimental

N.B. The following three films may be ordered as a one- man show, at a special package rental of $100. An experiment to use the devices of the film medium to intensify the expressitivity of the Greek myth of Pentheus: cycling hand-held cameras for intoxication, slow-motion pans for hypnosis, single frame cutting for dismemberment, multiple exposures for metamorphosis, etc. A parody of the embrace from LAST YEAR AT MARIENBAD is included in the Satyr Play. Charles Boutenhouse's dionysus... (one of the ) ... important occasions for the new cinema. -- Jonas Mekas, Movie Journal: The Rise of a New American Cinema. ... the film begins with the dancer Louis Falco, as Dionysus, in thrusting leaps onto which are superimposed double images of opening fists:... of flowers opening their fists... of the athlete of April... of the green leap. The triple exposure of this first part of the movie have an extraordinary pictorial richness. Frequently throughout DIONYSUS the technique of superimposition of images is used to achieve some of the most startlingly beautiful filmic texture I have ever seen -- Wallace Thurston, Kulchur #16

Rental: $60.00
16mm Rental: $60.00

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