Lowell Naeve

Inventor, The () 16mm, b&w, 8 min

Genre: Experimental

Story and narration (in heavy German accent) by Peter Schumann. "Peter Schumann claims (in modest tone) to have invented almost everything. 'I invented soup,' and after several other claimes, 'and also I invented myself.' "In time we learn that Professor Schumann also invented the first movie. We are invited to view this first film ever made, which is "about all the kings, and the old and terrible kings.' "The Professor relates their gory history in banal understatements and we are led simply to believe that 'King One killed King Two , and King Two killed King Three, and King Three killed King Four.' (and that all the other kings died later at home) "His final commentary: 'And God looks down and he thinks they were all stupid." - L.N.

Rental: $20.00
16mm Rental: $20.00

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