Werner Nekes

Amalgram (1976) 16mm, color, 70.25 min

Genre: Experimental

" a sequence of 4 films: Knots, Texture, Web, Plaited- four approaches of writing with light to reflect the possibilities of painting within film." -W.N. " This film not only achieves painting's high pictorial quality, with 24 'living' canvasses per second, PLAITED in fact leaves Pointilism far behind. If filming really is painting with light, as Louis Delluc once postulated, then it was surely only a matter of time before film makers would turn to the principlies of Pointilism. For a long time the innovator Nekes pondered about this project. The result, in it's effect on the audience, exceeds all expectations... Ingo Petzke

Rental: $120.00
16mm Rental: $120.00

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