Werner Nekes

Hurrycan (1979) 16mm, color & b/w, 80.5 min

Genre: Experimental

"Hurrycan has nothing to do with whirlwinds, although in this Nekes film the pictures journey across the screen, excitedly, spasmodically and flickering. The title weds the element of haste with the notion of a film can. Which in this case turns out to be something of a Pandora's Box and contains expectations for a new way of seeing. A computerized shutter system that Nekes had built now precisely controls the complicated interlocking of agitated images. The unexposed film runs through the camera several times in succession. According to a predetermined plan, only specific frames, so called 'Kinefelder' (at least two of them are needed to attain visual motion) are exposed. What has been filmed appears to be 'normal' enough on screen. Yet it seems segmented, somehow new and assembled in a strange fascinating way. Nekes works with film images like a composer with polyphonic structures. The motif appears in many variations. diversely super-imposed. conducted contrapuntually and in unison. Nekes calls this prinicple 'polyvisual'. Art historians are familiar with such modes of perception since cubism, which operated with simultaneous views of one and the same object."

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