Bob Parent

Exsemabfii: Festa #1 () 16mm, black and white, 27 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: art

"This film is essentially an audio-visual experience. The basic footage was shot on Mulberry Street in the heart of New York's "Little Italy" neighborhood during the annual street festival (festa in Italian) in honor of San Gennaro. Special camera and laboratory techniques are used to express a trip through the maze of people, food and gambling booths. Starting with a seeming reality, the pomp and flash of the street band modulates to the frenzy and artificiality of the so-called "charitable benefit" through the use of prisms, blurring with the camera and a recurring drift from the positive image through a solarized transition into a negative and back by experimetal processing.

Rental: $50.00
16mm Rental: $50.00

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