Ron Rice

Queen of Sheba Meets the Atom Man, The (1982) 16mm, black and white, 109 min

Genre: Experimental

With Taylor Mead and Winifred Bryan. Photographed and directed by Ron Rice. Edited, from notes and memory, & musical score by Taylor Mead. Other performers: Judith Malina, Julian Beck, Jonas Mekas, Charles Rydell, Ed Sanders, Jack Smith, Jay Hoppe, Danny Dumbrowski, Will Guy, and friends. Titles by Bob Smith. Archival restoration by Anthology Film Archives, 1981/1982. "Ron Rice died before he had completed shooting the film. he had, however, put together a 'fundraising version' of the film. After his death, Howard Everngam, and old friend of Ron's, according to his best knowledge of the filmmaker's intentions, put together a version of the film which was available through the Film-Makers' Cooperative until now. In 1979-82, using SHEBA materials deposited with Anthology Film Archives, and guiding himself by memory and notes made during the shooting, Taylor Mead prepared the present, definitive version of the film, and the soundtrack. The previous versions of the film--Everngam's and Ron's fund-raising versions are being preserved at Anthology for scholarly use."-Jonas Mekas.

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