Chromatic Fantasy (2002) VHS NTSC, color, 12.5 min

Genre: Experimental

J. S. Bach Chromatic Fantasy in D minor (arr. for Viola by Kodaly/Rozanna); Executive Producer and Viola Solo by Rozanna; Directed, filmed and edited by Patrick Smith; Produced by BJ Seaburn; Audio by Mark Godwin; Another Sound Productions Inc.; Copyright 2002 - Weekend Films Inc. Hans Von Bulow once wrote about this particular work: "Who can not read between the lines, who does not possess a certain quantum of ingenuity, who brings with him no fantasy himself, remains a respectful distance from Bach's 'Chromatic Fantasy'. Chromatic Fantasy, the award winning video, recently selected as a finalist at the Rhode Island International Film Festival is an experience in which the role of the concert artist is expanded upon. From an audio perspective this work also explores the boundaries of classical music, utilizing a soundscape that underscores the "film-noir" aspect of this video, as well as broadening the musical experience. World-class violist, Rozanna, enters the stage of an empty auditorium and begins to play Johann Sebastian Bach's Chromatic Fantasy. As she plays, the camera moves closer and closer to her. As we come closer, Rozanna becomes more and more intimate with the music. Her environment slowly leaves her, as she goes deeper and deeper into the music... and into her thoughts. As Part 1 of the piece finishes, the viewer is transported from the auditorium as we witness Rozanna with a white viola in hand, finding herself in a strange courtyard. She does not play, yet she hears the piece continuing to resonate in the distance. She runs in search of the familiar music, and, turning a corner, sees herself across the courtyard, in red, playing a siren's song. Rozanna in White pursues her musical self, but Rozanna in Red is elusive, and Rozanna in White is left alone in the courtyard. Soon after, Rozanna in Red finds solace in a garden, playing among Grecian pillars. But her stay is short lived, and she leaves to complete the piece. In the final scene, Rozanna in White finds herself and approaches as Rozanna in Red plays the final, passionate measures of the Fantasy. She creeps closer and closer to her Red self, and, summoning up the courage, plays the final, conclusive note. This project was made possible, in part through the support of Mr. Gary Graffman and Mr. Richard Danielpour. Video sale price: $45 individual /$120 institutional

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