Lynne Sachs

Window Work (2000) 16mm, color, 9 min

Genre: Experimental

A woman drinks tea, washes a window, reads the paper-- simple tasks that somehow suggest a kind of quiet mystery within and beyond the image. Sometimes one hears the rhythmic, pulsing symphony of crickets in a Baltimore summer night.. Other times jangling toys dissolve into the roar of a jet overhead, or children tremble at the sound of thunder. These disparate sounds dislocate the space temporally and physically from the restrictions of reality. The small home-movie boxes within the larger screen are gestural forms of memory, clues to childhood, mnemonic devices that expand on the sense of immediacy in her "drama." These miniature image-objects represent snippets of an even earlier media technology -- film. In contrast to the real time video image, they feel fleeting, ephemeral, imprecise. "A picture window that looks over a magically realistic garden ablaze in sunlight fills the entire frame. In front, a woman reclines while secret boxes filled with desires and memories, move around her as if coming directly out of the screen." -- Helen DeWitt, "Thresholds of the Frame", Tate Modern Museum of Contemporary Art, London "On screen images of ordinary objects seem weirdly evocative. A duster complete with a bushy top of feathers begins to resemble a palm tree. You will discover that a great deal is happening, some of it inside your own mind. The magic of the piece occurs in the moments between sounds." -- Holly Selby, "Art Portfolio," The Baltimore Sun Dallas Video Festival; Delaware Art Museum Biennial; Athens Film Fest; European Media Arts Festival, Osnabruck, Germany; New York Film Expo; Black Maria Director's Citation; Moscow Film Festival; Tate Modern, London; Film Arts Festival, San Francisco Sale: VHS $20, also available on Beta or DV upon request

Rental: $20.00
16mm Rental: $20.00

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