Rosalind Schneider

Andrea Acting Out (1974) , 11.5 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: children/youth, environment/nature, family

"An experimental portrait of the filmmaker's ten year old daughter. Based on footage collected over a two year period, the film explores the inner and outer consciousness of the child and develops the nature of her fantasy life in abstract terms. Although the film deals with the reality of her world as shown by the documentation of sensitive relationships with her animals, it supercedes reality by creating its own rhythms and new images. Her joy and moodiness are contrasted by the superimpositions of color and black and white footage; and we are also aware of the subtle changes that have begun to take place as she matures. The free spirit of the child is revealed by the sound track based on recordings of her favorite music box layered over her interpretive zither playing and the reciting of Andrea's original poetry." - RS

"The climax of the film is a spectacular shadow dance... As Andrea bends her limbs, the silhouette of her body becomes intertwined with the sinuous shadows of tree branches creating a marvellous image which, perhaps symbolizes the spontaneous enthusiasm of youth." - Kristina Nordstrom, Art & Cinema

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