Paul Sharits

Rapture (1987) VHS NTSC, color, 17 min

Genre: Experimental

"RAPTURE is a fierce vision of a Dionysian experience, a tightly controlled visual statement about the abandonment of self to heightened transportive states. It is also an exploration of the similarity between 'religious' and 'visionary' ecstasy and psychotic states." -- CEPA (Buffalo) "There is another antecedent for this videotape contained in the remarkable paper print collection of films in the Library of Congress that includes a series of clinical documents of people afflicted with epilepsy filmed at the turn of the century. Those films present a paradox for the viewer: Observing events (seizures) where pain remains trapped mutely and invisibly within the confines of the body even as its shadow is projected as a measurable mass across the indexical grid of the cinematic recording device. I imagine RAPTURE as another look at the inarticulateness of pain -- the inadequacies of the recording device for fixing the radical subjectivity of pain ... or ecstasy. In RAPTURE we are presented with a wounded and relentlessly objectified body demonstrating, with almost clinical control, the varieties of its own objectification." -- Barbara Lattanzi Exhibition: CEPA Video Program, Buffalo; Kino Arsenal; Kino Eis Zeit; Infermental 7 (traveling exhibition of world video); Offensive Video Kunst, Dortmund, West Germany; London Film Festival; Int'l Audio Visual Experimental Festival, Arnhem, Holland; SF Cinematheque.

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VHS NTSC Rental: $60.00

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