Jon Sholle

Ojancanu, The Acrobat (1967) 16mm, color & b/w, 16 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Films about Film, Media

"OJANCANU is a film about how it must feel to be a film. As such, it purports to depict the process a film undergoes in deciding what it should be. The first step in this process, of course, is to derange the audience's perception. Accordingly, the film assays a number of stratagems: offering shifts from black and white to color, conductin gthe search for a point of view, and submitting alternate beginnings for the story which the audience demands. However, the audience, already assimilating and anticipating the film's evasions, succeeds in exerting its will. Whereupon the film accedes. And descends into narrative. "At first pleased, the audience soon discovers that the narrative had been stripped to its essentials, and reasons that it might therefore concern certain elemental questions-or nothing for certain. Feeling tricked, the audience chooses to disregard the film; instead, it examines the film-makers' adaptation of stream of consciousness (in botht he narrative and its frame) to the medium most suited to it. "Suddenly, though, the narrative and frame dovetail, and the audience is delighted to find it anticipated even that. And applauds. "At which point the film concludes it ought to end. And does."-Marleski

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