Stan Brakhage

Song 15: Fifteen Song Traits (1981) 16mm, color, 38.5 min

Genre: Documentary, Experimental

Keywords: Family

A series of individual portraits of friends and family, all interrelated in what might be called a branch growing directly from the trunk of SONGS 1 thru 14. On order of appearance: Robert Kelly, Jane and our dog Durin, our boys Bearthm and Rarc, daughter Crystal and the canary Cheep Donkey, Robert Creely and Michael McClure, the rest of our girls Myrrena and Neowyn, Angelo Dibenedetto, Ed Dorn and his family and Jonas Mekas (to whom the FIFTEEN SONG TRAITS is dedicated), as well as some few strangers, were the source of these TRAITS coming into being -- my thanks to all... and to all who see them clearly.

Rental: $120.00
16mm Rental: $120.00

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