Paul Stevens

Boomerang (1981) 16mm, black and white, 11 min

Genre: Documentary

Keywords: Art & Artists, Biography & Autobiography

"On October 20th, 1979, Al Gerhards of Dowingtown, Pennsylvania threw a boomerang 123 yards with a complete return--thus setting a new Worlds Record. He accomplished this with a boomerang of his own design and make. Gerhard boomerangs are conisdered some of the finest made, they are highly prized for their quality craftsmanship, aerodynamic performance and aesthetic excellence. "BOOMERANG is a document of the process in which these laminated hardwood 'rangs are made. From the selection of wood and the use of custom molds, through the fine-finishing of the airfoil contours, the film illustrates the amount of care put into every one made. The final flight testing proves that boomerangs actually do return and the joy that they bring."--P.S.

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