Dan Agnew

Doppler Effect: Version II (1968) 16mm, black and white, 4.75 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Structural

DOPPLER EFFECT began as a severe condensation of my own stock footage in 1967. Version I (12 min.) is unprintable, due to the wide variation of film stocks and sound levels. The original sound track was composed by Duane Hitchings in the Fall of 1967 on the Moog Synthesizer at Pennsylvania Musical Academy. Doppler is basically (a+b+c) with variations and a time interval of 30-1/8 sec. This expansion breaks into a, b, c combinations with arbitrary yet consistent designation. Also you may note the abstract visuals are match-cut so that they appear to move in continuous kinetic flow. This technique has been fully developed in DOPPLER EFFECT, Version III, my completed match to the chorus of 'Hey, Jude.' (Unfortunately, the verses are matched to original 8mm, which makes projection a bit difficult). It is a subjective thought piece which really does not lend itself to any description, other than the fact it works damn well when one is stoned.

Rental: $35.00
16mm Rental: $35.00

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