Wolf Vostell

Four Films (196*) 16mm, black and white, 21 min

Genre: Experimental, Installation

Keywords: Art & Artists, Literature & Theater

"The four films included in this reel are: SUN IN YOUR HEAD(1963); 20 JULI 1964 AACHEN (1967); STARFIGHTER (1967); NOTSTANDSBORDSTEIN (1967). The first one, and the last one of the four, can also be performed with actions and audience participation. All four films originated as parts of other shows performed by Vostell. For more detailed description of Vostell's work one should look up the book "de-coll/agen 1954-69," published by Edition 17 Galerie Rene Block, Berlin. Other reference materials are vailable through Something Else Press (Dick Higgins) and Fluxus."--Jonas Mekas

Rental: $30
16mm Rental: $30

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