Laura Waddington

Lost Days, The (1999) 16mm, color, 47 min

Genre: Experimental

"In 1997, I wrote a story about a girl who traveled across Europe, Russia and Asia, filming the things she saw. That year, I contacted people in 15 countries and asked them to film their cities for me, as if they were her. Out of the tapes, I received, I made The Lost Days." -- Laura Waddington, 1999 "A strange feeling of melancholy haunts Laura Waddington's 'The Lost Days.' A young woman is on a journey. Her first stops are Marrakech, Lisbon and Paris. But the cities are just a backdrop for her imagination : out of focus streets, fleeting images from another world. A meditation what we are and where we come from. A portrait of being on the road and being lost in time. " -- TIP magazine, Berlin, March 2000 "Fabulously sensual, melancholic, poetic..." -- Tournages, Revue des courts metrages, Paris Exibition (Selected): The International Film Festival Rotterdam; The Montreal International Festival of New Cinema and New Media; The New York Video Festival, Film Society of Lincoln Center; The World Wide Video Festival, Amsterdam; Transmediale, Berlin; The GMI videowall, London; ISEA 2000, International Symposium on Electronic Art, Paris; Dnet, the Lux, London; Netmage, Linkproject, Bologna; Videomedeja, Novi Sad; Cinematexas ; Pollack Gallery, group show, TelAviv; Interferences, 2nd International Festival of Urban Multimedia Arts, Belfort; Highlights of the New York Video Festival, Film Society of Lincoln Center, Tour of the US.; Laura Waddington 'In person,' Austrian Film museum, Vienna, organized by Sixpack Film (upcoming) Rental copy: Beta SP NTSC. This video is also available in original PAL version -- please contact the director

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