Sheri Wills

Hu'n (Laceratons) (2004) DVD NTSC, color, 23 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Comedy, History

Bright Sheng's powerful piece is an expression of his experiences during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. I interpret the music as a relentless recurring memory, a painful question that cannot find answer, and finally an examination of breath itself. "(Wills's) latest video is a departure of sorts. Based on Bright Sheng's modern orchestral composition of the same name, H'UN (LACERATIONS) finds Wills incorporating representational elements, combined with her signature photograms and abstract images. In Sheng's 23-minute piece, which is far more extroverted than the sound in Wills's previous films, she found an opportunity to break out of her typical styles, using everyday objects like a shoe or a cracker to illustrate the film noir-ish score with a touch of humor." Christian Bruno, Release Print, March 2003

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