Charlie Woodman

Coyote Tracks (1986) 16mm, color, 27 min

Genre: Experimental

"...came out of my interest in pictographic language and is an attempt to make a film that conbveys information by the same mechanisms which pictographs employ. Each pictographic sign or element conveys two types of meaning simultaneously, a literal meaning and as associative meaning. For example, the sign that literally depicts a horse, within this code represents or symbolizes the concept of a journey. This second associative meaning is not contained within the sign but is a series of concrete and specific images which also function as cliches or archetypes. While there are elements of narrative present, do not look for the kinds of character identification and plot development we have come to expect from movies. The narrative is to be found not within the literal images themselves, but in the sequences of associations which those images evoke. Just let it unreel and wash over you." C.W.

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16mm Rental: $25.00

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