Jay Wright

FireStatic (1998) 16mm, color, 20 min

Genre: Experimental

A zen koan. A visual haiku. A film which incorporates inconoclast ideas of image destruction into self-reflexive 16mm formats.
Opening Short Film, Calcutta Film Festival. A Crackle 'Pick of the Week'. Best of Festival - Berkeley Film and Video Festival. Salerno Film Festival.

Jay Wright (born 1972) is a filmmaker, videomaker, photographer, and writer who has shown in European video spaces and independent film festivals. Works included at PS1 and NY MOMA, Biennial of Poetry and Video MUNAL, Cannes Short Film Corner, Best of Festival Berkeley Film and Video Festival, Opening Short Film Calcutta Film Festival. Jay Wright's work synergizes art, theoretical mathematics and science. His first feature film, 'Assembling the World', made when he was 20, follows cultures under the pressures of colonialism. His second feature, 'The Color of Fish', examines string theory and the relationships of 'theories of everything' to the deep coded needs of the human mind. 'Dreamtime' is an inner journey using 'throw away' digital technology to probe the environment and time. The film examines images' connection to meaning when the image is deprived of any corporeal existence and it exists only digitally.

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