Jud Yalkut

Electronic Fables (1971) 16mm, color, 9 min

Genre: Experimental

Co-maker: Nam June Paik The intellectual and visualization functions of the human mind have undergone little integration within the majority of contemporary civilized psyches. Yet realizing full humanity necessitates the complete harmonization of all psychical and physical centers. Is it possible that the formal expression of this existing dichotomy can stimulate a new synthesis? Hypothesis: The absence of sound = enhancement of visual imagery, and vice versa. The alternation of auditory and visual stimulation are mutually enhancing. The visual portions of ELECTRONIC FABLES are selected from the color video imagery of Nam June Paik as filmed during the period 1965-71. The soundtrack voices are: Marcel Duchamp, Marshall McLuhan, John Cage, Allen Ginsberg, Buckminster Fuller, Timothy Leary, Brion Gysin, Moondog, and Ken Kesey. "Minimal... handsome and suggestive." -- Roger Greenspun, "The New York Times." Selected for the Whitney museum of American Art's "Videofilm" program in the New American Filmmakers series.

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