Andrej Zdravic

Phenix (1975) 16mm, color, 11 min

Genre: Experimental

Filmed at the Ljubljana Clinical Center, Yugoslavia. PHENIX is dedicated to my father Franjo, a plastic surgeon and holistic healer, because through him a new world of beauty and meaning opened up for me. "I have never seen any of Zdravic's work before, but what I saw last Wednesday left me so intrigued that I am anxiously looking forward to seeing more of his work. I saw part of his surgery room film, shot in Yugoslavia; it has an extraordinary visual and emotional power." -- Jonas Mekas, Anthology Film Archives "As its title suggests, PHENIX expresses a commitment to life, to a reborn physicality. Zdravic engages the viewer of PHENIX in a transcendent journey from the physical to the metaphysical, from the horrific to the sublime." -- Bruce Jenkins, Media Study, Buffalo

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