Andrej Zdravic

Currents (1979) 16mm, color, 11 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Science/Medicine

"Currents" investigates the procedures of spinal stimulation which aim to improve condition of patients suffering from serious nervous diseases. A small electrical current is constantly moving through the nerves, muscles, and tissues of our body. It can be seen and heard with an electromyograph. By hearing it, a patient can re-learn certain physical functions that have been lost. In other instances, hearing this current can help doctors to determine the nature of a nerve disease otherwise undefinable. The spinal stimulation consists of softly activating the surrounding area of the nerve in question as to incite it to draw energy from it's own potential. In spite of its scientific background, "Currents" is my personal account of this enlightening experience. - A.Z.

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16mm Rental: $20.00

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