Peter Von Ziegesar

Who Shall Remain Nameless (1978) 16mm, black and white, 14 min

Genre: Experimental

"a film redolent of Kansas City's gritty, fledgling independent film movement of the mid 70s. The film is an examination of various kinds of holy intervention. Actor's representing Eldridge Cleaver, Jean D'Arc and one Archie Olsen of Minnesota each take their place upon the screen and have their say. Patterns, percussion music and microscopic views of bacteria multiplying supply the glue for the various parts of the text. Occultism is a form o flow-level energy which laps our nation coast to coast. In this we resemble the Chinese peasants o fpre-revolution: we stand on tip toe, up to our nostrils in water; the slightests ripple will drown us." P.Z.

Rental: $32.00
16mm Rental: $32.00

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