Ken Jacobs

Chronometer (1990) DVD NTSC, , 22 min

Genre: Experimental

(first Nervous Magic Lantern piece .. single light-source, no film-drive) Music: "Chronometer" by Harrison Birtwistle, stereo-2 track greatly enhanced by playing as 5.1 "virtual surround." Keep level comfortably loud. *Throbbing light not for persons afflicted with epilepsy. "The movie projector's a kind of clock", Ed Bachelor said. Somewhere inside the machine beats a Piranesi space, shaped and given dimension by a string of exposures of a seated woman undulating gravity-free. Who is the alluring lady of this filmstrip tease? I call her Dinah, because the name contains a D, an N, and an A. Dinah Ovum! She is waiting, she is confident, she is radioing for help. Her message: "Let us gestate, love."

DVD NTSC Rental: $65.00

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