Ken Jacobs

Nervous Magic Lantern: Spiral Nebula (2005) DVD NTSC, , 45 min

Genre: Experimental

Music: Rick Reed. Audio to be played comfortably loud and (though it's 2-track stereo) as 5.1 "virtual surround." *Throbbing light not for persons afflicted with epilepsy. What is this thing churning and flinging off and consuming universes? The screen can't contain it, it wants to be in 3-D. This music, one part machine noise mixed with a lot of open space, holds us at a safe distance but will we (the viewing audience looking through the movie) be able to get back? We need familiar streets to hold onto, the quotidian. This thing, after all, could be the god Shiva. Attempting to grapple with it, even Kong would amount to no more than a momentary flash of colored light.

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