James Fotopoulos

Christabel: The Conclusion Pt. 1 (2001) 16mm, color, 7 min

Genre: Experimental

"Pindar's fine remark respecting the different effects of Music, on different characters, holds equally true of Genius - as many as are not delighted by it are disturbed, perplexed, irritated. The beholder either recognizes it as a projected form of his own Being, that moves before him with a Glory round its head, or recoils from it as a Spectre." -- S. T. Coleridge, Aids to Reflection (1825) "The idea was that the soul of Coleridge should not be enslaved to the poem of Coleridge, even though that is what he worked on. The vision is far greater than that. With this technology, in a sort of anthropological way, you can fracture the poem, and by fracturing it you can begin taking the themes and extracting them...So I began by taking my emotional intuitions, tying that in to all the factual aspects of the poem, and then began this sort of surgery...Using these new technologies, I can go in and extract the essence of this and put it up again. And it was again difficult because the more you get into Coleridge the more complex it becomes. One way most adaptations fail is they focus on one aspect of something. But it's impossible to focus on one aspect of anything. You have to head in, and take on all the aspects. If you fail, you fail. Coleridge is a man of genius, so it just became more and more complex. I began unraveling more and more, and getting deeper and deeper, to the point where I could almost die working on it." -- J.F.

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