Donna Cameron

Live Reel I - War Paths Thru Turquoise & Silver (2005) 16mm, color, 15 min

Genre: Experimental

Keywords: Cameraless

5 Silent Films in Cinematic Paper Emulsion Five films on one reel, each separated by 3 seconds of turquoise leader Films may be rented separately by advance arrangement with The Film-makers' Coop. 1. BROKN BRIDGE 3 min, 2005 2. LIEDER 3.5 min, 1996, 35mm showm on 16mm 3. WORLD TRADE ALPHABET 2.5 min, 2000, 35mmm shown on 16mm 4. PETERBOROUGH FOREST 2.5 min, 2001, 35mm shown on 16mm 5. JAZZ STUDY 2.5 min, 2001, 35mm shown on 16mm All films employ a cinematic paper emulsion technique developed by Cameron since 1974 and are handmade, original works. The reel in its entirety premiered at the Film-makers' Coop benefit show, September 2005, with music accompaniment by Mark Stewart and David Cossin of Bang on A Can. WORLD TRADE ALPHABET "Materials: Oil, Charcoal, Ink on Paper Emulsion, on 35mm film ...Theme: A Visual Meditation on the evolution of the alphabet which we use, it's origins in ancient Phoenicia, and the fact that it was invented as a shorthand from 360+ character cuneiform to better the efficiency of communication in ancient international world trade. Process: Film begins with primitive carving into handmade paper emulsion of ancient cuneiform glyphs, evolves into painting and drawing of glyphs, them floating type, using digital print-out of helvetica type and concludes with multi-material words: World Trade Alphabet." -- Canyon Cinema catalog

16mm Rental: $75.00

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